SBR Helping Hands Foundation was established by Quilla Long in December 2022, we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to standing against bullying and injustice, providing mental health resources, giving back to the community, and honoring the life and legacy of Shanquella Brenada Robinson.

  • Rebuilding Lives After Tragedy

    No one should have to go through a tragedy alone. The SBR Helping Hands Foundation provides support for adults who have been affected by bullying or a traumatic event. We provide financial assistance and emotional support to help get them through this difficult time. By donating, you give people affected by tragedy a chance to rebuild their lives and feel whole again.

  • A Beacon of Hope

    In the aftermath of a tragedy, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But with the help of the SBR Helping Hands Foundation, there is life, smiles, and happiness ahead.

  • Giving More Than Just Money

    When you give to the SBR Helping Hands Foundation, you're giving more than just money. You're giving hope to those in need. Your donation helps us provide essential services to underserved communities and give people a chance to build a better future.